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Baby Audio Monitors

A baby monitor (or baby alarm) is a radio system that is used to remotely listen to noises made by a toddler. There are different types of baby monitors available – movement monitors, digital and analog sound monitors, and video monitors. Each has a variety of different features. Analog baby monitors are considered to be the least expensive ones. Digital monitors have the same features, but a wider operating range, give better sound, and less interference from electronics like radios than analog models. An audio monitor consists of a receiver (parents unit) with a speaker and a transmitter (nursery unit) with a microphone. It transmits the sounds by radio waves to the receiver near to the person caring for the toddler. Baby audio monitors are available with multiple frequency channels, encrypted signal transmission, talk-back option, soft night-light, vibrating and visual alerts, belt clip, and temperature display. Here you can find some of the most recommendable models.