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Home Fitness Courses

How to get fit without joining an expensive gym? A home gym is the most cost-effective way of keeping fit but you have to be diligent about training, otherwise your fitness purchases will soon be gathering dust. Exercise games are a fantastic way of combining fun with fitness, and the Wii Fit is like a personal trainer in your own house. It is also possible to do yoga at home, as long as you’ve got a bit of understanding. For people who find gyms a bit confusing, online personal trainers can help keep your home-fitness regime on track. Blame it on the general 80th revival, but the exercise vid is back. Sales of fitness DVD sets increased the last years and splashing out on fitness DVDs is cheaper than the gym. It’s not just aerobic-style workouts: yoga, pilates, zumba, and 30 to 90 day extreme workouts can all be yours. Additional benefits: the variety of workouts, there’s no equipment needed, and the personalities on DVDs will help motivate you. Here you can find some of the most recommendable DVD sets.