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Portable Ceramic Heaters

Rising costs of natural gas, heating oil, and electricity are understandably pushing people to look for more economical ways to heat their homes in the winter months. Using a portable heater to save some money and energy can be a good solution. There are a range of portable heaters on the market today, and they all differ primarily by type, safety features, temperature controls, and price. Portable heaters, also known as space heaters, can be divided into two basic groups: electric and gas. Unlike gas powered portable heaters, electric space heaters warm their surroundings by converting electrical energy into heat. Because they are not that expensive and dangerous, portable electric heaters are often preferred by customers. They can be categorized into 4 groups based on how they heat the air. One of the groups are portable ceramic heaters. These heaters are equipped with a ceramic disc heating element and a fan to distribute heated air efficiently and evenly. Portable ceramic heaters are considered safer than other heater types. Here you can find some of the most recommendable models.