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Delonghi DCH1030 Ceramic Heater

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Main Features & Facts :
Ceramic Technology
Adjustable Thermostat
Two Heat Settings
Power Indicator Light
Safe Function and Operation
Anti-Freeze Setting

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Features & Benefits of the DeLonghi DCH1030 Safeheat 1500


There’s no better way to enjoy just the right amount of heat in the room than the DeLonghi DCH1030 Safeheat 1500W Basic Ceramic Heater. There are cold days and there are excessively colder days that aren’t typical. As this instance, what you need is something that will be able to provide warmth but not too much to consider the same a burden when used. A ceramic heater like the DCH1030 is something that combines balance and flexibility as a heater.
So what are the features one can expect from the DeLonghi DCH 1030 Ceramic Heater? Here’s a concise rundown:
  • Ceramic Technology
  • Some heaters do not guarantee balanced and efficient heat. But with the use of ceramic technology, the DeLonghi DCH1030 is quite good at what it does – making sure that the heating element in the unit is fast and powerful enough for spot heat distribution. The self-regulating capacity of the unit enables it to offer the most ideal heat based on the temperature outside and inside the room.
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Aside from the ceramic technology, the DeLonghii appliance also comes equipped with a room thermostat, which serves the purpose of setting and maintaining the desired temperature. Hence, the feature offers flexibility that is not inherent in other heaters. With it, you can virtually customize and let it produce heat based on your specific needs.
  • Two Heat Settings
  • With the inclusion of two heat settings, you get the utmost warmth and heat you need or perhaps settle for something moderate. The high heat setting can reach up to 1500 watts of heating power while the low setting enables as little as 825 watts.
  • Power Indicator Light
  • It’s also worth mentioning that with the power indicator light, you will not forget that the heater is actually turned on. There are times when a user seems to forget the appliance is turned on because it’s too quiet. With the power indicator light, you will always be aware.
  • Safe Function and Operation
  • Moreover, the DeLonghi DCH-1030 Safeheat 1500 comes with safety features that are essential for this kind of appliance. There’s a thermal cut-off that eliminates the risk of overheating.
  • Anti-Freeze Setting
  • Aside from the thermal cut-off safety feature, the appliance also sports an anti-freeze setting that prevents the heater from seizing up and getting damaged in the process when used in cold weather.

Tips in Looking For a New Heater/Heating System

While shopping for a heater is not as enjoyable, it can be a necessity for two reasons: because you have no existing heating system or equipment at home or perhaps your current heating system is permanently broken and cannot be fixed. When you feel like there is not enough heat and warmth produced by your heater at home, you have to seriously consider buying a new one because aside from not being able to function properly, it may as well lead to bigger electricity bills.
When you’re already in the market looking for a heater, there are factors you must weigh on and adhere to in order to guarantee that what you bought will meet your needs at home. So here’s a look at those important factors:
Heater Size
For all heating system products, size matters a lot. The same will determine how capable the unit is for a specific home or room size. So before you rush on shopping for one, make sure you know your living space’s details like area, dimensions, and the specific areas you want to be heated. At this point, you can’t choose something small enough that’s intended for a single room when what you actually need is for the entire living room.
Energy Efficiency
While most people would initially look at stuff like price, brand, or size, one of the most important considerations is the level of energy efficiency of the heater. It’s obvious that any kind of heater you purchase as brand new will be more efficient than the previous one you have. However, you still must look into the specs of each unit you stumble upon since there are some that consume too much power you might want to dump and get rid of it after a few times of use. Put in mind that energy efficient appliances and equipments at home bring you comfort while at the same time help save the environment. In comparing energy efficiency levels, you can look for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio, and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor.
Heater Type
As you go about shopping for a heater, you will be offered various types. The difference may be based on the kind of fuel source, since there are units powered by oil, electric, or even gas. There are also different varieties that are based on the type of heat and air exchange produced like forced and radiant heat.
Delonghi DCH1030 Ceramic Heater

What Is the Warranty?

The purchase of the DeLonghi DCH1030 Safeheat Ceramic Heater carries with it a guarantee one year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The same includes repairs and replacement for factory defect.
Customer Feedback from Amazon

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How About Flaws?

We reviewed and gone through many opinions and feedbacks online, and interestingly, most of those user and customer reviews tell about how good and worthy the DeLonghi Safeheat Heater DCH1030 is. But then again, we cannot also deny the fact that there’s one particular flaw and that’s the significantly noisier operation. The small size would lead to the conception that the same will operate quietly. However, it should be noted that the kind of noise it produces doesn’t actually make a person wake up in the middle of the night.

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Product    : Delonghi DCH1030 Safeheat
Star rating: 4.0
Publisher : Veotag
Published : 2014-11-08
Author      :
Summary :
While the DeLonghi DCH1030 Safeheat 1500W Basic Ceramic Heater is classified as a basic and small heating appliance, you’d be actually amazed at how powerful and efficient it is when it comes to offering the best kind of heat and warmth for your room. Equipped with the advanced ceramic heating technology, the appliance is not just safe, but every effective in providing the right amount and level of heat, based on the temperature in the room and outside. The DCH1030 also comes packed with two-heat settings and adjustable thermostat to enable the settings and heating level to be customized based on the user’s personal preference. The product has an indicator light in order to monitor and conveniently check if it is turned on.
Is There a Manual (PDF) available?
Delonghi DCH1030 Ceramic Heater - Manual

Manual for DeLonghi DCH1030 Safeheat 1500 is available (click icon above)

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