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Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter

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Main Features & Facts :
1,700 Peak Amps & 425 Cranking Amps
Heavy Duty Cable Leads
Compact and Light
Built-in AC Charger
Flexible Use

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Features & Benefits of the Clore Automotive JNC660



When you own a vehicle, there’s no escape on situations like getting caught up in the road because of a dead battery. When this happens, you basically don’t have any solution to a disabled vehicle, unless of course you have the Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump-N-Carry 1,700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter. This battery jump starter is perfectly suited for all sorts of jumpstarting vehicle needs, either private or professional use.
  • 1,700 Peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps
  • The combination of 1,700 peak amps and 425 cramping amps of power is best used for all recharging needs. The device is more than capable of recharging dead and disabled vehicles with ease and comfort plus lighting quick charging.
  • PROFORMER Battery
  • This Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry also comes equipped with the company’s trademark PROFORMER battery, a kind of battery that is exclusively intended for maximum power density and durability. As a result, the same device packs maximum cranking power and a significantly long service for the user.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Leads with Industrial Grade Clamps
  • When you’re concerned about safety and efficiency, you’re lucky to have the JNC660, with features intended primarily for making sure that you don’t get accidents while jumpstarting your own car. These features include the heavy duty cable leads and the industrial grade clamps that are made of high quality for making sure that the same can penetrate corrosion for an efficient connection.
  • Compact and Light
  • Moreover, the Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump-N-Carry 1,700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter’s compact and light built makes it more convenient to carry and use. The entire unit weighs a mere 18 pounds and can be carried by one hand conveniently.
  • Built-in AC Charger
  • There is also a built-in AC charger placed in front of the unit which serves as the charging port for the JNC660’s battery. All you have to do is use an extension power cord in order to plug in the unit into a standard AC compatible outlet. And best thing is that the battery found inside the JNC660 does not overcharge or overheat even when the unit is connected to the outlet for a long period.
  • Flexible Use
  • Finally, the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry 1,700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter is specifically built for use in any kind of jumpstarting environments such as automotive, marine, and industrial.


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Now in looking for the best variety suitable for your needs, you have to Consider these tips:

There are actually several types of portable battery booster systems. But regardless of the variety, each one is designed to provide an emergency jump start to the vehicle. Hence, booster systems include simple machines that can be placed in the glove compartment and some are bigger and more powerful.
Cranking Power
A jump starter works in such a way that your car seems to be hooked to another car, using jumper cables. Remember that in using one, you have to guarantee that the battery jump starter you are using possesses enough power in order to crank the engine of your car. If you own a subcompact model, there’s no need for a battery jump starter that is intended for a big truck or a bus! However, it should as well be noted that opting for a more powerful unit enables a faster process in starting the car.
Size and Length of the Cable
The size and length of the cable for a jump starter is very essential as well, especially in determining the level of convenience you get from it. So in look for the ideal variety, you have to find one with a thicker cable than usual. This is because a thicker cable means more convenience and ease in transferring power to the vehicle, and when transfer is faster, the vehicle also starts quicker. When it comes to length meanwhile, longer cables are likewise preferable considering the fact that you don’t have to let someone assist you in carrying a shorter cable. With longer cables, you can place the unit on the ground and then start jumpstarting.
Aside from the main function of enabling a disabled vehicle with a dead battery, majority of battery jump starter brands today provide other features and functions for their units so as to make them useful in other ways. For instance, some have bright light function, which in turn can be very helpful when your car breaks down at night and you don’t have enough power left to turn the headlights on. Other features include tire inflators, power inverters, and a 12-volt power port. So it really comes handy if you have those features in the jump starter brand you choose.

Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter


Is There a Warranty?


Yes, there is. Clore Automotive offers a limited one-year warranty for the original purchaser from the date of the original purchase.


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How About Flaws?


In shopping for any kind of product online or locally, there’s always that accepted fact that the same product should have a specific or particular downside. For instance, most of other battery jump starters have all sorts of added functions like flashlights and 12-volt outlets, and unfortunately, the JNC660 does not have these luxuries. However, there’s no big deal considering that the unit is more than capable and even a couple of times powerful compared to other competing brands and models of battery jump starters.


Is There a Manual (PDF) available?

Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter - Manual

Manual for Clore Automotive JNC660 is available (click icon above)

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