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True Result Glucose Meter

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Guaranteed Fast Results
Needs Little Blood Sample Size
Small and Compact Design
Memory Function
Testing Reminder Alarms
Glucose Control Detection

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Features & Benefits of the True Result Glucose Meter Starter Kit



For diabetics and people who need to carefully monitor their blood sugar/glucose level, a blood glucose meter or monitoring device is a very important thing to have. It provides accurate and convenient way to instantly know blood sugar level without having to see a doctor or go to the hospital. This kind of device is required by doctors and medical professionals for their patients who suffer from diabetes.
When it comes to the advanced system for monitoring blood sugar out there, the True Result Glucose Meter is in contention for being the best. It is one of the very few that doesn’t need that much sample for measuring while the results are always fast and accurate. It’s certainly one name you can look for when you intend to shop for one.
  • Guaranteed Fast Results
  • The old varieties of blood glucose monitors were mostly too difficult to deal with because they required a lot of samples right before they give you results. But the True Result Glucose Meter is a lot more advanced because it can instantly hand out an accurate result of blood sugar level in a matter of four seconds.
  • Needs Little Blood Sample Size
  • Most people don’t like seeing blood extracted from them, and that case worsens when it’s done using a needle. So for other blood glucose monitor, it’s just too painful to get a large amount of blood sample just to take a measurement or reading. The great news about the True Control Trueresult is that you only have to give in 0.5 micro liter of blood for an already accurate reading.
  • Small and Compact Design
  • If you have to take your blood glucose monitor with you wherever you go, this one is your best bet. With a small and rather portable design, you can easily carry the same while you continue to live a life that’s on the go while being able to constantly monitor your blood sugar level.
  • Memory Function
  • So you want to keep track of your blood glucose level history? That’s entirely possible with the built-in memory that can store a maximum of five hundred results in one instance. The same results can be labeled with time and date of the measurement.
  • Testing Reminder Alarms
  • Now if you need to program yourself and make sure you get consistent monitoring, then what you really need is a blood glucose monitor that can schedule testing. The True Control Trueresult Blood Glucose Starter Kit comes with four reminder alarms that lets you schedule testing and then the device will be the one that will remind you about it with a built-in alarm.
  • Glucose Control Detection
  • Are you afraid you might be developing diabetes or are you unsure if you’re blood glucose level is beyond normal levels? The answer to those worries is the glucose control detection feature that enables the device to tell if you’re being too in love with sweets lately.


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What to Look for when Buying a Blood Glucose Monitor

Just like any other products you plan to buy, there are certain things to keep in mind first. For instance, it’s a well accepted fact that there are so many blood glucose monitors out there. The problem with that is that prospective buyers become confused and perplexed as to what they should purchase.
Blood Sample Size
Blood glucose monitors differ in a lot of ways and one of them is the requirement for blood sample size. If you purchase one, look for how much blood is needed in order to effectively carry out a test. At this point, it’s much better to get a device that doesn’t need that much blood in order to hand out an accurate result. The most common sample size is 1.5 micro liters.
Size and Built of the Device
Are you one of those who need careful and consistent monitoring? If so, what you need is a blood glucose monitor that small and convenient to bring wherever you are. Carrying a bigger and bulky model will just cause burden on your part, so look for a compact one with the same features and reliability.
Just a friendly advice – do not be deceived by the advertising schemes by various brands of blood glucose monitors and meters claiming their products have 100% accurate reading. While all devices you find in stores are not a hundred percent accurate, you can still make the most out of your purchase by picking a meter that comes equipped with a control solution for calibration purposes.
Convenience in Use
Unless you’re a pharmacist, doctors, or a medical professional, it’s quite obvious that you have to select a blood glucose monitor that is convenient and easy to use. You can actually see some brands that provide video guides for first time users.
Price of the Device and the Strips
And finally, one should always look out for the right price. It’s a well accepted notion that the price carries the most weight when shopping. If you can find a particularly affordable one, that’s good news. However, be sure that you also guarantee that the test trips are also widely available and can be purchased with the right price. So many brands trick their customers on selling inexpensive monitors but the strips are almost impossible to find, and if they do exist, they are too expensive.

True Result Glucose Meter




Along the way, we thought the price was the biggest advantage in opting for this blood glucose monitor. However, knowing the product warranty handed out by the manufacturer is even much better news! Every purchase of the True Control Trueresult Blood Glucose Starter Kit comes with a lifetime warranty.


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Are There Any Drawbacks or Complaints?


It sounds unbelievable, but we actually couldn’t find a great deal of complaints about the True Control Trueresult. There were a few negative reviews about an error message when the device has been used for quite some time.


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