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Makita UC3530A Chain Saw

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One-Touch Tool-Less Blade Change
Rubberized Grip
Large Oil Reservoir, Display Window
Large Trigger Control
Built-in Current Limiter
Automatic Chain Oiler

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Features & Benefits of the Makita UC3530A Chain Saw



If you are looking for an electric chain saw but doesn’t want to settle for a machine that is too light and lacks power, then you must look into the Makita UC3530A Commercial Grade 14-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw with Tool-Less Blade And Chain Adjustments. It is one of those unique electric chain saw with a power that is almost similar to a professional gas powered chain saw. It is commercially designed for doing all sorts of cutting jobs at home.
  • One-Touch Tool-Less Blade Change
  • The Makita UC3530A is a fine electric chain saw that offers full convenience features, especially the one-touch and tool-less blade change that makes sure you don’t spend too much effort and time in other things other than cutting.
  • Rubberized Grip
  • Handling is another important aspect that Makita effectively addressed. A lot of electric chain saws are so awkward to use and handle and that makes the job of cutting a bit more difficult and even risky. But with a rubberized grip, you get to make sure that you can handle the chain saw with ease, comfort, and security while eliminating risks of mishandling.
  • Large Oil Reservoir and Display Window
  • One more convenient add-on is the improved and large oil reservoir. This improvement is vital because you don’t have to always put and add in oil after just a couple of uses. Additionally, the oil display window gives you a real-time look at the level of oil, thus giving you the exact moment when you need to refill.
  • Large Trigger Control
  • When you think about gas powered chain saws, one of the most notable issues is hard starting. But for electric versions, it’s the opposite. Convenient and easy start-ups is possible thanks to the large trigger control in the Makita UC3530A Electric Chain Saw.
  • Built-in Current Limiter
  • With the built-in current limiter, the engine of this electric chain saw is protected from burnouts. What it does is automatically decrease the motor’s power the moment it detects that the saw is already operating beyond its maximum capacity.
  • Automatic Chain Oiler
  • The automatic chain oiler meanwhile ensures that you don’t have to switch and halt your cutting just to oil the chain. This feature is best for continuous and arduous cutting jobs.


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What to Look For in Electric Chain Saws

Electric chain saws are popular nowadays because they are cheaper and easier to use. For obvious reasons, their gas model counterparts are best used in commercial and big tree cutting tasks. On the other hand, an electric chain saw is more practical for home use because it uses electricity instead of gasoline – practical in the sense that you don’t have to buy and store fuel or gasoline. Additionally, using an electric chain saw is also environment friendly and it goes without saying why.
And since electric chain saws are best suited for minimal and light cutting jobs at home, it is apparent that any homeowner should have one. However, shopping for one isn’t a cakewalk. There are things to consider in doing so, and here are some factors you must weigh on when you are planning to get an electric chain saw soon:
Engine Power
Keep in mind that the greatest flaw or disadvantage of any electric chain saw, no matter how expensive or high end it is, is its engine output. It is quite obvious that an electric chain saw is a little less powerful compared to gas chain saws. However, there is actually no need for a chain saw with a big HP (horsepower) when you plan to use the same in small home cutting jobs. The most common engine output is 3.5 hp. That is enough for any branch or log cutting task at home.
Another important factor is the weight of the machine. Electric chain saws are built and designed so as to limit the weight as much as possible. However, a “light” model may still be really too heavy for some. Put in mind that you will be carrying and holding the electric chain saw and sometimes in very awkward positions. So make sure you can handle the weight of the tool you are purchasing. If you can’t, then there is no point in purchasing since you don’t get to use it in the first place. Also, being able to handle and carry the electric chain saw with ease means you can use it conveniently and handily.
Cutting Size
Cutting size is determined mostly by the bar and chain outside the power head. Because electric chain saws are less powerful than their gasoline powered counterparts, they also have smaller bar and chains. Fifteen to eighteen inches are ideal for light and average cutting jobs but smaller than that can only do well in light pruning.
Added Features
Finally, find and buy something that has additional features in it. You can always purchase a plain electric chain saw for a smaller and cheaper price but some people may be willing enough to pay more for valuable and helpful features to make the cutting job easier such as safety add-ons, auto oiling feature, and maintenance kits.

Makita UC3530A Chain Saw


Is There a Warranty?


The manufacturer’s warranty is as impressive as the price. The Makita UC3530A 14-Inch Chain Saw comes equipped with a three-year warranty on the tool and another one-year warranty both on the charger and battery.


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How About Drawbacks?


The same as other electric chain saws, the most notable weakness for this Makita Chain Saw is the fact that it uses electricity to operate, which means it needs a power cord or generator. It means that you have to manage and check the cord from time to time when you’re operating it. Additionally, you also get a limited range because of the same cord. However, you really don’t need to go farther than your own premises so there’s no point in considering the cord as a weakness, unless of course you’re planning to cut your neighbor’s tree branches as well.


Is There a Manual (PDF) available?

Makita UC3530A Chain Saw - Manual

Manual for Makita UC3530A Chain Saw is available (click icon above)

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