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Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700

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Main Features & Facts :
Eco-Drive System
Perpetual Calendar
Water Resistant
Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet
Non-reflective, Scratch-resistant Surface
Handy and Convenient Add-ons

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Features & Benefits of the Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700



When it comes to perfect time-keeping and specs that aren’t usually found in entry level timepieces, the Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700 is an item that is rightfully labeled as something that is way above the rest. It is a stainless-steel cased calendar watch that is loaded with all the sophistication you could think about a watch.
  • Eco-Drive System
  • The Citizen BL8000-54L is not the typical sports watch, and that’s mainly because of the distinctive Eco-Drive function patented to any Citizen watch. With it, the sports watch is able to absorb sunlight and other types of artificial light using the crystal and dial, the purpose of which is to power up and recharge the watch so that it runs consistently and smoothly. Hence, a regular and consistent light exposure will enable the user to use the watch forever without charging or using batteries.
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Another important highlight of the sports watch is the integration of a perpetual calendar. The same automatically adjusts both for odd and even months as well as leap years. The perpetual calendar feature is programmed to run until 2100.
  • Water Resistant
  • The BL8000-54L won’t be considered as a sports watch without the water resistance function and feature. Accordingly, you get more than what you normally ask for in terms of depth because this one can withstand water pressure and depth up to 330 feet or roughly a hundred meters. Therefore, you can use and wear it while swimming, skiing, snorkeling, or just having any sort of fun while in water.
  • Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet
  • With stainless steel case and bracelet, the overall durability and quality of material used in the watch is considered high end. Stainless steel means you get a significant life extension for your watch so you don’t have to worry about replacing the same after just a few years of use.
  • Non-Reflective Mineral Crystal and Scratch-Resistant Surface
  • A scratch-resistant surface coupled with non-reflective mineral crystal gives the Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700 the edge in terms of added protection and longevity.
  • Handy and Convenient Add-ons
  • To sum up the features of this Citizen Sports watch, the user gets more time management customization such as the dual time function, month-day-date function, 12/24 hour time options, and a screw back case. All of them give the watch that edge compared to other brands.


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Basic Tips You Should Comprehend in Buying Men’s Sports Watches

A sports watch is every active man’s dream. It is something that you will always need wherever you are, especially when you get yourself involved in different physical activities where you need to keep track of time, utilize a timer, calendar, or alarm. However, choosing the right kind of watch entails some serious research and study.
When buying a men’s sports watch, there are several things you ought to keep in mind. These things are the determining factors in the search of getting the right and ideal watch for you. So the moment you decide to look and shop for one, bring these tips with you:
First, make sure you evaluate the kind of lifestyle you have. This means that you have to understand what features you need when buying a specific brand of sports watch. For instance, a runner would need a watch with a good timer and shock absorbing features. A swimmer on the other hand would need something that also has a timer and is water resistance. Those who love mountain trekking and camping need something with a compass.
After identifying the kind of lifestyle you live and want to integrate your watch with, the next thing to look into is budget you have. So ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay and spend for a particular sports watch. But in this regard, there are so many options available for you. If you’re willing to spend that much, high end brands are ideal options because they have features and specs not found in entry-level types. But when you’re tight on your pocket, opting for the basic variety with affordable price is practical.
Find a brand of watch that offers a good deal on warranty, both on service and replacement. Remember that there are instanced where goods are damaged or contain defects right of the box. Having a warranty on the package you’re getting means added security on your investment. Also, it’s a plus if you choose a men’s sports watch that has replaceable batteries and wristbands. This comes in handy when both parts become dead and wornout.
Now the moment you get a fixed budget, you have two options in the question of where to buy your sports watch. The first one is traditionally in sports equipments stores and jewelry stores. Local department stores usually house them in one place so you don’t have to look elsewhere. However, another good choice is online shopping. Most men’s sports watch brands today advertise and sell their items online that that’s because they get a broader customer base on the web. So if you’re thinking of a purchase that’s relatively affordable and reasonable, search for online sellers, but make sure they’re reputable and trusted.

Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700




Being part of the huge product line of Citizen Watches, the BL8000-54L Eco-Drive comes with the standard Citizen five-year limited warranty. The same covers a period of five years from the date of the original retail purchase.


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Are There Any Flaws?


When you plan to purchase the Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700, you have to understand that what you are purchasing is traditionally heavy since it’s a sports watch. So there’s no substantial argument for those who complain that they aren’t comfortable with it due to the heaviness. Hence, the most significant drawback is not the weight, instead the fact that the 24-hour hand isn’t designed for glowing in the dark. Only the minute and hour hands are but that’s not really a big deal for majority of those who bought it.


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Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700 - Manual

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