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Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater

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Main Features & Facts :
1500 Watts of Power
Quiet but Powerful Machine
5118 BTUs, Self-Regulating Auto Mode
Ceramic Heating Element
Programmable Thermostat
Portable and Mobile
Oscillating Feature

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Features & Benefits of the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater



Purchasing a heating system for your home is not as enjoyable and fun as shopping for gadgets, food, or things that will satisfy your wants. This is because a heater is something that comes as a need or necessity, not a form of entertainment. However, you may likely need one when you’re living in a substantially cold area. And when it comes to heating small and average sized rooms, the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control is the one to choose. It provides the kind of warm comfort you need and operating it is a breezed with the digital controls.
This one is a portable and easy to carry ceramic digital tower heater. It’s the kind of heating system you will need when you’re heating a room and wants to be able to transport and carry the same to other rooms. The Lasko 755320 boasts the following features:
  • 1500 Watts of Power
  • The Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater with Remote Control is powered by 1500 watts, and that usually corresponds to sufficient heat for utmost comfort in your room. It is well suited for those who want to do away with extreme cold.
  • Quiet but Powerful Machine
  • Where there is a powerful heating system that combines the elements of ceramic heating material, widespread oscillation, and air penetration, there is also the assurance of total warmth and comfort experience.
  • 5118 BTUs of Heat Combined with a Self-Regulating Auto Mode
  • It doesn’t get any hotter and warmer than a maximum heat output of 5118 BTUs. However, it’s not always about getting too warm inside, since the temperature outside vary a lot. As such, the unit also comes equipped with a self-regulating auto mode that will ensure that the heat is regulated.
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Most heaters are simply too annoying to operate. The noise feels like you can just brave the cold instead rather than hearing it. But with the ceramic heating element in the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater, you can say goodbye to noisy operation while the unit is warming up. It is an elongated element that is designed to operate quieter than regular heating systems.
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • And with the inclusion of a programmable thermostat, you’re assured of total and maximum control on your heater unit. With it, you have the freedom to adjust the heat settings to any temperature you feel suited for you and in order to attain the best comfort possible.
  • Portable and Mobile
  • Finally, you can also expect the most out of your heater when it comes to convenience in handling. This is because the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater with Digital Display comes equipped with a comfortable carrying handle and light weight overall for the handiest control ever for any heating system.
  • Oscillating Feature
  • This sounds like a silly feature to list, but it makes a big difference in heating up a room. The oscillation really helps get the heat moved around the room so that you are not creating hot and cold spots, and it helps to heat up the basement quickly.


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Tips in Looking For a New Heater/Heating System

While shopping for a heater is not as enjoyable, it can be a necessity for two reasons: because you have no existing heating system or equipment at home or perhaps your current heating system is permanently broken and cannot be fixed. When you feel like there is not enough heat and warmth produced by your heater at home, you have to seriously consider buying a new one because aside from not being able to function properly, it may as well lead to bigger electricity bills.
When you’re already in the market looking for a heater, there are factors you must weigh on and adhere to in order to guarantee that what you bought will meet your needs at home.
Heater Size
For all heating system products, size matters a lot. The same will determine how capable the unit is for a specific home or room size. So before you rush on shopping for one, make sure you know your living space’s details like area, dimensions, and the specific areas you want to be heated. At this point, you can’t choose something small enough that’s intended for a single room when what you actually need is for the entire living room.
Energy Efficiency
While most people would initially look at stuff like price, brand, or size, one of the most important considerations is the level of energy efficiency of the heater. It’s obvious that any kind of heater you purchase as brand new will be more efficient than the previous one you have. However, you still must look into the specs of each unit you stumble upon since there are some that consume too much power you might want to dump and get rid of it after a few times of use. Put in mind that energy efficient appliances and equipments at home bring you comfort while at the same time help save the environment. In comparing energy efficiency levels, you can look for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio, and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor.
Heater Type
As you go about shopping for a heater, you will be offered various types. The difference may be based on the kind of fuel source, since there are units powered by oil, electric, or even gas. There are also different varieties that are based on the type of heat and air exchange produced like forced and radiant heat.

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater


Is There a Warranty?


The Lasko Ceramic Heater also carries with a three year limited warranty from the manufacturer. It is one of the longest warranties you can get from any heater and from any brand out in the market.


Customer Feedback from Amazon


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Are There Drawbacks?


One thing we didn’t love about the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater is that the digital display and small monitor is situated on top of the unit. As such, it is impossible to see it when you’re lying on your bed or in an adjacent position to it. However, that’s a particularly minor flaw considering the fact that you still can control the unit through the remote control.


Is There a Manual (PDF) available?

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater - Manual

Manual for Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater is available (click icon above)

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